Again a concept, it is going to be presented on Geneva car show, but there seems to be more to it in the future.

You may remember Honda’s Urban EV concept, that has been revealed on Frankfurt car show in 2017. Retro-design city car was one of the favorite attractions of all the visitors that came to the show, yet we are still waiting for their first production car. So far, while Honda is flirting with EV cars for a while now, there has been none so far.

On the other hand, things are moving forward. In fact, their latest electric concept is going to be one going to be presented on this year’s Geneva car show. And according to the first sketches it is going to be quite similar to the mentioned concept from year and a half ago. Again, Honda wants to present clean, simple and unique design, previously used in mentioned concept.

While Honda is not yet a strong manufacturer in the field of electric cars, they are about to become. In fact, according to company itself and their ‘Electric Vision’, by the year 2025 two out of three Hondas, sold new are going to be equipped with some kind of electric technology. Moreover, they are planning to present their first fully electric car by the end of the year.

Jan. 23, 2019 Driving photo: Lulop

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