With this decision in mind, they have announced (another) city-oriented electric car.


To be honest, Honda's e Prototype is in a way different from the others, given the fact, that it is quite similar to a concept we have seen a year and a half ago on Frankfurt car show. However, that prototype was welcomed by the public so well that Honda decided not to change it so dramatically. In fact, the biggest change was implementation of the rear doors.

Apart from the doors, car has also received additional seat. The rest of it, its short wheelbase and overall compact dimensions have remained the same. What is more important the fact, that this is (once it hits the market) going to be the first fully electric Honda in Europe. Technical data remains unknown; what we do know is its range which is going to be 200 kilometers with batteries fully charged. When empty, they could be charged to 80 percent in half an hour.

Production version of the car can be expected at the end of 2020. Meanwhile, Honda has already received 15.000 potential reservations who shoved great interest in this concept.

March 6, 2019 Driving photo: Dušan Lukič

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