First in a form of Tesla Cybertruck-killer, later as an SUV.

The American brand of Hummer all-terrain vehicles used to be in a class of its own. The roots of course contributed to this, since it developed from the Jeep, and it was actually due to the military needs of the new HMMMWV multifunctional ground car. Although we must also mention that, following the financial difficulties caused by the then economic crisis, the label failed in 2010.

Looks like the Hummer's back on the road again. After the failed negotiations with the Chinese buyer, the company went bankrupt, but General Motors kept all the rights to use the name. Due to the increase in the number of (electric) suv segment, which is particularly present in the US with the Cybertruck and Rivian R1T (designed with the support of the Fords, and on the basis of the coming of the electric F-150 is) waiting to increase numbers further, General Motors is going to revive a brand, tht died years ago quite soon. Way ahead of schedule.

According to the Reuters Press Agency, instead of 2023, the first new cars were to be put on the road by next year. The brand is to be made in the context of the GM brand and new cars are to be produced in Detroit, more specifically at the Hamtramck plant, which was recently modernised and invested EUR 2.72 billion in reconstruction.

Those classic Hummer fans may be a little disappointed. Although General Motors will restore its former brand, this does not apply to models H1, H2 or H3. The electric drive will be dedicated to a brand-new truck with a new design, which will then be joined by a sports SUV in 2023.

Jan. 28, 2020 Driving photo: Profimedia

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