Perfect bike to sho soe skelenacuh

The Austrian manufacturer of motorcycles Husqvarna is the following in the row of those who decided to enter the world of electric motors. Competition in this segment is still relatively scarce at the moment, but it is already increasing. But the interesting thing is, they decided to go and build a motorcycle for the younger bikes. They intend to use it to compete with 50-cubic gas engines. So let's see what Husqvarna has planned.

Husqvarna EE5 is, thus, electric motorcycle, designed for beginners, the youngest riders, and this has led Austrians to acceowas also a height-adjustable seat, which will help at motorcyclers's need a little more time to grow. However, it will allow from 25 minutes of autonomy in the event of a more serious rush, up to two hours if the driver is driving it with some reserve.

If, however, we touch another of the technical information: the two-wheeler will be furnished with an electric motor with a power output of five kilowatts, which will power will provide the battery set with a capacity of 0,91 kilowatt-hours per month. This will be able to be charged in 70 minutes through the rapid charging system. The suspension was provided by WP and the front fork provides 205 millimeters of travel. By the way, it'll be available next month.

June 27, 2019 Driving photo: Husqvarna

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