Despite the low power output, the car should be responsive, while still economic to run. Plugin hybrid not planned.

Yesterday we have written about BMW presenting a new version of their series 3 sedan with a hybrid power plant, named 330e. It is going to be one of more powerful cars in the shed, yet not the most powerful, since M340i has already been revealed. Toyota has on the other hand took different approach with Corolla (of course, we are talking about two different cars), where hybrid is going to be the top version of a pair of power plants.

Yes, after estate, which has been presented earlier this year, Toyota has now presented a sedan version of their best-selling car, Corolla, which has so far been sold in more than 46 million examples since 1966. New cars has been developed on a new TNGA GA-C platform, which is one of the reasons for cars low and wide stance.

But what is the most important part about the car is already mentioned power plant. The core of the car is going to be a 1,8-liter, naturally aspired petrol engine with a modest output of 90 kilowatts of combined power. While it may sound insufficient, thanks to an electric motor, the car is going to provide good response on one hand, with low maintenance and ownership cost. After all, car is promising an average consumption of only 3,4-liters per 100 kilometers, Even more, half of the time of every commute, the car is going to run solely on electricity. What is there not to like?

Nov. 16, 2018 Driving photo: Toyota

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