Hyundai Motor Group and Audi AG have signed an agreement to exchange patents for the development of fuel cell electric vehicles.

The agreement applies already filed aswell future patents and also powertrain components. It will also involve other brands of Hyundai and Volkswagen Groups.

By merging both companies work in the field of fuel cell development, development capacities will increase significantly, which will both strengthen their position on the fuel cell vehicle market.

In the first phase of the agreement, Hyundai will give Audi access to the powertrain components that it has developed for ix35 Fuel Cell and Nexo models. Audi will also be able to take advantage of Hyundai's sales network for fuel cell vehicles, which Hyundai has developed since 2013 and today it includes 18 countries around the world.

In the next phase of cooperation, both companies will try to establish new industry standards for fuel cell technology. Of course, they will also accelerate the development of fuel cells, which will enable them to offer their customers greater mobility opportunities.

Hyundai's leading fuel cell manufacturer, Hyundai Mobis, will continue to provide components and strive to expand the production of drive assemblies that currently account 3,000 units per year. The drive assembly consists of fuel cells, drive motors, control electronics and hydrogen containers. As they say at Mobis, the production of modules can be quickly increased to tens of thousands of units per year if necessary.

June 24, 2018 Driving photo: Hyundai

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