Hyundai and Kia announced plans to introduce solar charging technologies on certain vehicles. They plan to incorporate solar panels into the roof and hood of cars, where they will help to power ICE, hybrid and battery electric vehicles.

Hyundai Motor Group is developing three types of solar roof charging systems. In the first generation, they will introduce silicon solar roof system, in the second generation it will receive some transparency and the third generation will consist of lightweight solar lid on the vehicle's body. The solar charging system will charge batteries of not just eco-friendly vehicles but also of conventional ICE cars, where they will serve as a source of electricity for auxiliary systems and contribute to improved fuel efficiency.

The first generation solar panels will be applied to hybrid models, where they will be able to charge 30 to 60 percent of battery per day. The second generation transparent solar panels will be applied to cars with internal combustion engines, and the third generation panels will maximize energy output compared to the first generation panels.  

Nov. 11, 2018 Driving photo: Hyundai

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