There are already many cars on the market today, which enable the unlocking of the vehicle through a fingerprint reader, which and can be incorporated also into older cars.

On the other hand, there are also keyless cards, which help to unlock the vehicle just by touching the door handle. So, what new does Hyundai bring to the market with their first smart lock for unlocking the car via fingerprint?

The principle of Hyundai's solution is more or less identical to the solutions already known. The lock therefore checks the fingerprint pattern and if it matches the one in the database, the vehicle is unlocked. The same applies to the engine ignition switch. However, the so-called smart lock, in addition to the fingerprint pattern, can also check the electricity on the various parts of the finger, thus reducing the potential for errors in reading the prints.

At Hyundai, they say that technology will be extremely reliable from the beginning, and should be constantly updated to minimize errors in reading prints. But as they say, it's just the beginning of this technology. “In the future, Hyundai Motor plans to further expand the application of the technology to allow the adjustment of temperature, steering wheel position, and many other features which will be tailored to driver’s preferences” said Albert Biermann, President and Head of Research & Development Division of the Hyundai Motor Company.

Hyundai will first introduce the aforementioned technology into Santa Fe on certain markets in 2019 and later they will expand it to all markets and other models.


Dec. 30, 2018 Driving photo: Hyundai

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