As reported by the Korean newspaper Korea Herald, Hyundai is to introduce a new model in 2018. The upcoming Hyundai is to be equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain and is expected to retail at about half the price of the current ix35 Fuell Cell.

The new fuel cell vehicle would cost around 60 million won (48,000 euros), however after the local subsidy is applied, the price would be reduced to 32.5 million won (26,000 euros). The car would still be expensive, but still much more affordable than the ix35 Fuell Cell, which hasn't been selling all too well, considering only 544 units have been delivered worldwide.

South Korea government genereously supports FCV projects, expecting to put 10,000 FCVs on the road by 2020, while exporting at least 14,000. The new Hyundai, therefore, is expected to play a major part in these endeavours. Next to lower retail price, it will also bring technological advances and improvements, including an extended range from the current 600 to at least 800 kilometers. Additionally, top speed is expected to be increased from 160 to a little over 180 kilometers per hour. In contrast to ix35 Fuell Cell, which is based on a conventional car, the new Hyundai will be a dedicated hydrogen fuel cell car, excluding any other type of powertrain.

Aug. 31, 2016 Driving photo: Saša Kapetanović

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