Hyundai is introducing first details of a fuel cell electric truck that is expected to hit the road next year. Detailed information about the truck and Hyundai's plans for introducing environmentally friendly commercial vehicles will be presented at commercial vehicles fair in Hanover.

After ix35 Fuel Cell and Nexo passenger fuel cell electric vehicles, the fuel cell truck will be the third landmark on Hyundai's journey to FCEV vehicles. Fuel cell truck will have some visual characteristics, which will clearly differentiate it from other commercial vehicles in Hyundai's offer. Designers and aerodynamics experts have devoted themselves to simple and clean design lines, which will contribute to more efficient flow of air around the body.

Front grille with its shape symbolizes hydrogen and gives the truck a special and powerful appearance, and the blue-colored decorations on the bodywork also contribute to the environmentally friendly and at the same time dynamic appearance.

Sept. 13, 2018 Driving photo: Hyundai

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