Hyundai made an official presentation of its first member of new breed of electric SUVs Hyundai Kona Electric, which will take an important part in plans to make 60% of Hyundai's line up available as eco cars in Europe by 2020.

Kona will be available with two electric powetrains and buyers will be those, who will decidewhich version suits their needs. First version will be equiped with 64 kWh batteries and will be able to drive up to 470 kilometers. Electric motor with the power of 150 kilowatts will allow this version of Kona Electric to accelerate in 7,6 seconds to 100 kph. Another will be the basic version with 39 kWh battery and abillity to reach up to 300 kilometers. It's motor will generate the power of 99 kilowatts. Both versions will deliver 395 Nm of torque, which will allow much fun to drive. Kona Electric with 64 kwh battery can be fast charged to 80% in less than one hour, and charging of 39 kWh batteries takes even less time.

Kona Electric has a completely new platform, which enables integration of the battery pack with no space loss in passanger compartment. It is also equiped with radar based Smart Cruise Control with Stop&Go function. The instrument cluster is digital and there's also Head-up display. Driving mode selection goes via shift by wire module.

Most obvious feature on the expressive exterior are twin tipe LED headlamps and closed grill. There are also dedicated 17-inch alloy wheels and 21 exterior colors and two tone roof are available for the body.

Feb. 27, 2018 Driving photo: Hyundai

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