After numerous critics Hyundai is finally going to put 3-phase electric charger into electric Kona

Hyundai Kona is one of those electric cars that has been getting a lot of positive attention since its arrival on the market, both from buyers and from journalists. However, the majority of those who have the car tested (most of specialized car magazine has unanimously pointed this out) shared the same opinion that the bigges disadvantage of this car that is its charging system. It could only be charged through the single-phase AC current. But it seems Hyundai has taken criticism seriously.

Hyundai has in fact two days ago publicly announced (and then the message was deleted from the Internet), that next year it is going to prepare some updates for Kona, among which will also 3-phase charging station, which will be built into the car. Car using it could be charged with power of 11 kilowatts. Until now, Kona could on a regular public or household charger only be charged with 7,4 kilowatts of power through a single-phase. Of course, the novelty will also make it possible to charge over 22 kilowatt public bottlers.

This innovation could also be given to Kia's models, but it should also be noted that the Hyundai Blue Link system will be set up in Kona to make the cell phone and infotainment system more connected. We already wrote about this system a few days ago in connection with Hyundai Ioniq, which has just recently been given an update.

May 9, 2019 Driving photo: Hyundai

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