After Norway Hyundai's electric SUV is now also becoming available in Great Britain with similar, albeit a bit higher prices.

Hyundai Kona EV is one of this year's mostly anticipated electric car. Main reason for this is that it is one of the very first electric SUV's from any mass-producing car manufacturers, especially with a range that it offers. Consequently, interested public was highly anticipating to see which is going to be the first country (at least in Europe) to get it and even more, how much is going to cost. Turns out it was Norway, Europe's biggest county for electric cars, where the price was set at around 34,000 euros.

Now, Kona EV is also spreading to other markets. First in the line is Great Britain, where Kona is going to be offered with several different trims, electric motors and battery packs. At the bottom Hyundai will offer KONA Electric SE 39kWh. It will already include a 7" display audio including DAB, Apple Car Play and Android Auto, rear parking sensors with rear view camera, Bluetooth connectivity with steering wheel controls and a leather steering wheel. Automatic lights, climate control, driver's side electric lumbar support and keyless entry with start/stop button. Under the bonnet, there is going to be 100-kilowatt electric motor and 39 kWh battery pack.

Next on the price list, there is going to be Kona Electric Premium 39 kWh and on top of it Kona Electric Premium SE 64 kWh. On top of Premium 39 kWh version, Premium SE will add additional equipment to the Premium including LED headlamps with High Beam Assist (HBA), static cornering lights and head up display. Additional enhancements over the Premium specification include leather seat facings, electrically adjustable and heated/ventilated front seats and heated steering wheel. Range of this version is due to more powerful 150-kilowatt engine and bigger battery pack expected to be 470 kilometers.

Prices of Kona, which is expected to be available from second of August will start at 29.495 pounds (33.288 euros) for basic SE 39 kWh version and will end (excluding options) at 36.295 pounds (40.962 euros). This means, that the basic prices are going to be on average some 3.500 euros higher. However, Plug-In car grant of 4.500 pounds is excluded from listed prices, so one might actually buy Kona EV under 25.000 pounds.

June 30, 2018 Driving photo: Hyundai

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