Hyundai used the special event in Seoul to unveil preproduction prototype of next generation hydrogen fuel cell electric SUV, which will be officially launched next year.

The new SUV, which inherited design clues from FE Concept, introduced at 2017 Geneva Auto Show and stil does not have a name, will be Hyundai's second hydrogen fuell cell vehicle after Hyundai ix30/Tucson Fuell Cell. Koreans said, that they based the vehicle developmnet on four basic pillars: fuell cell system efficiency, performance, durability and tank storage density. By use of improved membrane electrode assembly and bipolar plates they also managed to reduce production costs.

By enhancing fuell cells, performance, reducing hydrogen consumption and optimizing key compponents vehicle efficiency was increased to 60 % compared to its predecessor's 55,3 %. Future SUV will be 163 HP strong and will be able to reach up to 800 km on one charge of hydrogen. Improved fuell cells will also be able to start at the temperatures down to -30 °C.

Hyundai also explained some plans to accelerate future development of low emission vehicles. Together with Kia they will introduce 31 new environment friendly models by 2020. The accent will be on electric, hybrid and fuell cell powetrains, but there will also be some with the mild hybrids improved conventional models. First half of 2018 will bring us the electric Kona, which will be followed by Genesis EV in 2021 and after 2021 we can expect new electric model with the 500 km range, which will be underpined by new architecture for electric vehicles.

Aug. 18, 2017 Driving photo: Hyundai

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