Hyundai has renewed Hybrid and Plug-in-Hybrid Ioniqs. Renovation reflects in refreshed design, improved safety systems and connectivity and an improved system for power recovery. Both will hit the road in the summer.

The changes in design are obvious primarily at the front part of the car and in the arrangement of the driver's work space, which brought him closer to Hyundai i30. Outside the 'Cascading Grille' and the front and rear bumpers were changed and designers also refreshed front and rear lights, whhich can operate in LED technology. There are also three new body colors.

Interior is dominated by a central 10.25 inch touchscreen and the Bluelink interface has also enhanced connectivity options with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Both hybrid Ioniqs took a possibility to set the power of recuperation and there is possibility of one pedal drive. In order to protect the environment, Ioniq also received a Green Zone Drive Mode (GDM), which automatically switches on in certain areas and gives priority to driving with an electric motor. Drivetrains in both cars remained more or less the same as before.

Jan. 17, 2019 Driving photo: Hyundai

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