It is going to be presented on the IAA in Frankfurt.

Hyundai has become a recognisable and respectable brand in both the civil and racing fields over the past few years. After all, thanks to the Motorsport division, it is successfully fighting for the highest cities in the TCR Tour Car Series and in the World Cup rally. However, the very section mentioned is now preparing for a new step, the results of which are likely to be noticeable only over time, and yet this is an extremely important move for the entire brand.

Motorsport announced that they had begun the active development of the first electric athlete, which will further support the brand's direction towards developing electric and hybrid cars. After all, it has been rumored for some time that we may soon have the first civil Hyundai in the name. However, the prototype of the race car, which will already be presented at the car shop in Frankfurt, alongside the i10, is more than not prepared. Hyundai has already released a short video containing, as it appears, under the tarpaulins, the i30 TCR electrical execution.

“A new era is dawning at Hyundai Motorsport. For many months, our team in Alzenau has been working hard on an exciting electric vehicle and soon we will be able to share the fruits of these labours,” Andrea Adamo, Team Director said. “It promises to be a new chapter for our company, a natural extension to our motorsport activities, one that links closely to the current trends and innovations in the wider automotive industry. There’s not much longer to wait; all will be revealed at the IAA in Frankfurt in early September.”

Aug. 8, 2019 Driving photo: Hyundai

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