New studies suggest that by 2030 ICE could represent half of all new cars

Electric cars are on the rise and their number is growing by the day. Right now, they are in minority on more or less all world markets compared to diesel cars, let alone petrol driven one, which still represent more than half of all cars on the road. And while wishes are, that electric cars are going to beat the likes with ICE’s, this will not happen in mid- to long term (foreseeable) future.

Such results have recently been presented by LMC Automotive, a company from Shanghai that specializes in different aspect of automotive world. While they agree with prediction that sale of ICE cars around the world will gradually decrease, making room for electric ones – by the end of this year the, ICE driven cars are going to represent 92 percent of all new cars, sold around the world.

However, while some countries like Norway, France or Great Britain have decided to ban all ICE-driven cars by 2050, by the year 2030, around half of all new cars being sold around the world may still be equipped with traditional engines.

In fact, such results might suggest, that another few decades might still be needed to eraser all the internal combustion engine-driven cars from the earth, therefore more effort should be done to cut this time and convince drivers to start using electric cars instead of traditional ones.

March 30, 2019 Driving

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