Rumors might just lead into a production vehicle.

At this year's auto show in Geneva, Volkswagen impressed a large part of the public with the interesting electrical concept, I. D. Buggy. What we are talking about is electric reincarnation of the legendary vehicle intended for driving on sandy beaches and even though, that the car has not been mass-produced, rather each of the manufactured vehicles has been made either by individuals or workshops (taking for a basis took known Bug), several hundred thousand specimens  were made. The new ones on the other side are still forming today.

The concept presented in Switzerland may have been just what has been called: a concept, but it seems that it might also have experienced mass production as one of the members of a rapidly growing Volkswagen electric vehicle family. First to point out this possibility was British automobile portal Autocar when talking with Klaus Bischof, the managing director of the Volkswagen’s department of design, which warned on the fact that it was the next serial car of a family I. D., you can clean the right off-road vehicle.

More questions than answers

In a discussion for the said portal on the eve of the opening of the Shanghai car shop, Bischof thus revealed that the brand could present an even more durable electric vehicle. "Maybe one of the next ID family members is a more rugged thing than we have seen," Bischof said.

So for now, it is all down to clues and rumors, but we are definitely not going to see a I. D. Buggy at best for a while. After all, the first thing Volkswagen is going to reveal is production versions of I. D. Crozz, I. D. Buzz, and, of course, I. D. Neo. Company will also have to ensure adequate security if an interesting concept is realized. However, it would be interesting to see if they actually succeeded.

April 19, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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