The legendary American Popular Mechanics magazine that's being published for consecutive 115 years announced that Volkswagen's I.D. BUZZ concept (first shown at the North American International Auto Show in January) won the Concept Car of the Year award in Popular Mechanics annual Automotive Excellence Awards.

According to Ezra Dyer, Automotive Editor at Popular Mechanics, the crtieria for the Concept Car of the Year category was pretty simple. The jury - the magazine's expert editorial team - was looking for a concept car which they "mostfervently hope actually reaches production."

What the jury thought was the most appealing thing about the I.D. BUZZ was that it doesn't come across as a complete flight of fancy, it's not something that is not likely to hit the streets anytime soon. Also, they hope Volkswagen builds an electric Microbus throwback - because they could! 

April 13, 2017 Driving photo: VW

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