Infiniti is making a preview of its new generation of its cars in the shape of Q Insipration Concept, which, besides new VC-Turbo petrol, proposes also next-level autonomous drive technologies and human-centric interior, which, according to words, comming from Infiniti, could enrich the experience of drivers in the mid-size sedan segment.

External lines of Q Inspiration are clear and concise with some dynamism and confidence and with them Infiniti is trying to point out, that it is entering new era of advance powertrains. The powertrain is not electrical or hybrid but rather convetional four cylinder turbo-petrol engine, but with a twist in the shape of continually adjusted compression ratio, which leads to optimized power and fuel efficiency and, of course, frendliness to environment.

Thanks to compact powertrain cabin is very spacious and comfortable, so the passengers and driver will be able to fully enjoy benefits from autonomus drive technologies in the shape of next generation ProPilot saystem which will serve as co-pilot to take stressing driving tasks from the driver, who will be always able to take control in his hands.

Jan. 15, 2018 Driving photo: Infiniti

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