One of China's largest car manufacturers, Geely Auto Group just launched Lynk & Co, a new global car brand which is to challenge existing conventions of the automobile industry and address the needs and preferences of the new global and connected generation of customers.


The first car in range will be the tech-laden SUV, LYNK & CO 01 that was optimized to suit global tastes by engineers in Europe and China and will compete with premium compact SUVs of the world of the same class. Models 02, 03 and so forth will later follow the Lynk & Co 01, with all of them featuring a compact modular platform – CMA (Compact Modular Architecture) is a new car architecture developed for Lynk & Co that will serve as the basis of many various upcoming models, including future compact Volvo and Geely models. All models will also be equipped with more energy efficient electrified powertrains.

Developing the 01 model Lynk & Co used Volvo's expertise in car safety and by teaming up with Ericsson, Microsoft and Alibaba, the company also created a digital open platform based on the latest car connectivity cloud. It will enable users to interact and stay connected at all times, using apps and other infotainment services.

Part of Lync & Co offer will also be a new business model, avoiding traditional dealership model – instead, they will encourage direct interaction between manufacturer and consumer, sell their cars online or in owned stores in strategic retail locations, with fixed and transparent prices. Cars will be delivered, and picked up for service, directly at the door of the consumer. Furthermore, they will offer new solutions for car usage, such as gradually replacing the traditional ownership and leasing with subscription and car-sharing-membership.

Oct. 26, 2016 Driving photo: Lynk & Co

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