More answers should be revealed within the next few days, once the car is revealed. Initialy teasers however are looking promissing

There are only few days left, until BMW is going to reveal their newest concept, hat they have been talking about for a while now, the Vision iNext. We already know, that it is going to be presented all over the world between 9th and 15th of September with quite a bit of help from Lufthansa, who has transformed one of their Boeing 777F cargo jets into a mobile/flying display.

But what BMW Vision iNext actually is? The thing is, that BMW is still protecting their newest project very intensively, with details being revealed little by little and only through official sources. Yesterday, they have revealed the back of the vehicle, focusing on the rear lights and badge, today they have –again, with a help of a video – revealed the front of the vehicle, which with its connected kidneys resembles on the electric SUV concept, the ix3.

However, watching carefully, first of two videos also reveals coupe/sedan-like shape of the rear of the car, which means, that the car is not going to be anything else than a limousine or a coupe. Actually, according  to unofficial sources at BMWblog, it is going to be a four door coupe with 2+2 seat arrangement that should later serve as a basis for a brand new BMW car, i4.

Sept. 4, 2018 Driving photo: BMW

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