TF-X™ is able to take off (vertically) and land on its own. The driver only sets the destination. 


Terrafugia unveiled an updated autonomous flying concept car, a vision of what our passenger automotive future might look like. This is the TF-X™ - an electric hybrid that gives you a glimpse at the perfect union between a car and a plane.

It is intended to seat up to four people, while the flight operator or 'the driver' will only need to input the selected destination point and let the machine take off on its own, as the flight is to be computer-controlled. The flying hybrid will then travel at speeds of (up to) 200 mph (almost 322 kmh) for a distance of (up to) 500 miles.

Two electric motors, powered by a 300 hp engine, can take the vehicle off ground, requiring no runway to do so. TF-X™ is able to move from vertical to horizontal positions, cruise and even land completely autonomously, though the 'driver' will be the one to evaluate and eventually greenlight safe landing. Once the vehicle is 'grounded', the car's wings will fold down and transform the flying vehicle into a road-going plug-in hybrid.

It will be quite interesting to see in a couple of decades, whether Terrafugia's crystal ball was showing actual future. Or will the future bring something entirely different?

Aug. 25, 2015 Driving photo: Terrafugia

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