A tradmark filling for the name UX300e has been made by Lexus earlier this month.


Toyota and Lexus are two of the major players in the field of electric cars. Japanese car manufacturers have, after all, removed all of its diesel-powered cars from the market in favor or electrified versions and to promote more sustainable environment. We could in fact anticipate, that every new model, arriving on the market from now on, could get an electric or at least electrified drive train.

Same goes for Lexus, Toyota’s premium brand of cars. Earlier this year, Lexus has presented its entirely new model, the smallest one in the fleet of crossovers, the UX. And while at the time only petrol and hybrid-driven versions were announced, it seems that a fully electric version is also on the way; even though Lexus has not confirmed the speculations, AutoGiude has found out that the brand has made a trademark filling for the name UX300e.

Understandable, this speculation has at the moment been declined by the company and marked only as ‘speculations’ it is safe to say that something is cooking. After all, small electric crossovers such as Hyundai Kona are on the rise and while Korean car is no match for Japanese brand in terms of luxury, given the fact that Lexus has ended the production of CT, which is going to be replaced by UX, new crossover could become a good substitute and could attract a lot of CT’s buyers looking for aa small(-ish) electric car.

Dec. 26, 2018 Driving photo: Lexus

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