With a near 50.000-dollars base price and 510 kilometers of range it is going to be an attractive player on the market. 

Nio, a Chinese start-up company is becoming more and more important player in the field of electric cars. After good sales results with prestigious ES8, which had in less than a year found some 10.000 buyers, they have now presented their newest adition to the fleet, the ES6.

Again, we are talking about an SUV, but with a bit lower price than ES8. There are going to be two versions for sale; Standard version is going to cost some 52.000 dollars, while the Performance versions is going to cost around 58.000 dollars. This is still a significant difference of 14.000 dollars comparing the standard version's price with the base price of ES8.

“The ES6 high-performance long-range intelligent electric SUV hit the market during the evening product launch. With a high-strength aluminum & carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) hybrid structure, the ES6 features 4.7 second 0-100 km/h acceleration, a NEDC range of over 510 km, and 33.9-meter braking distance from 100-0 km/h. The ES6 expands the design language of the NIO product line with a stylish and sporty exterior plus a refined, high-tech interior," wrote Nio in official statement.

This is certanly true, since the is going to be able to cover some 300 miles or 480 kilometers on a single charge. And for those, interested in buying one: Nio is already accepting first orders from customers with the first cars expecting to be on the road in summer 2019.

Dec. 16, 2018 Driving photo: Nio

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