It has already at the end of developing phase, expected to be on the road by the end of the year


Raise hands all of you who does not know the legendary Isetta bubble car. Designed back in the 50s by Italian company Iso and built by many others including BMW, has left the production in the early 60’s and while much less than one million of them has been built, it became a timeless icon. Off course, most of its fame owes to its small dimensions, distinctive design and those massive – and single – doors on the front of the cabin.

After several attempts of resurrection, Isseta is now at last returning back on the road. Well, not in the same form and by any of companies, building the original vehicle but as an entirely new vehicle with a very familiar shape, made by family owned company Micro Mobility Sytems from Switzerland. And yes, it is going to be electric so it is going to be built by a renowned Italian manufacturer of electric cars, Tazzari.

New Isetta or Microlino as it is going to be called will have all of the elements from its predecessor. There will be 3 wheels (well four really, with the back pair being close together), there will only be one door on the front of the car and from bumper to bumper it is going to measure around 2,5 meters. However, this new microcar is going to be electrically powered. It is going to use one electric motor with a power output of 14,7 kilowatts. Top speed is going to be limited to 90 kilometers per hour, while the range with a more powerful battery pack is going to be 200 kilometers.

While there have only been two prototype cars built so far, additional 100 is going to be built from September to December, all being delivered to Swiss customers. Next year, production should really kick off, as there are 5.000 cars planned to be built until 2020, with the company already accepting first orders. So far, 6.500 customers have showed interest in owning one. Considering the price tag of 12.000 euros, a lot more are expected to show.

Aug. 22, 2018 Driving photo: Micro Mobility Systems AG

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