In Berlin, the past weekend wasn't only about Formula E racing, but also about introducing a fleet of Renault Zoes. The very first electric rides were accompanied by TV stars Panagiota Petridou and Amiaz Habtu, while visitors were also able to experience a melodic world premiere! 


This past Saturday, 25 Renault Zoes drove off to Berlin from various parts of Germany. They all met up near the Berlin Olympic Stadium and proved that e-mobility offers not only cleaner, but also a simple, reliable way of everday travel - with an electric car.

Drivers, participating in the first 'star drive', were greeted at the 'finish line' in Berlin by "the most famous German car saleswoman'' and TV host Panagiota Petridou. Joining her was another celebrity, also a TV host and rapper Amiaz Habtu.

The audience were given the opportunity to hear the brand new ''Zoe song'' entitled "Bon Voyage" for the very first time! The catchy tune, which is the highlight of Renault's current E-Mobility Campaign, was performed live by the German-French singer Ambre Vallet.

June 12, 2017 Driving photo: Renault

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