All JLR cars will be at least partially electric from 2020 on, says Jaguar Land Rover. First one is coming in 2018.


JLR boss dr. Ralf Speth had a clear message at JLR TechFest conference in London: all their vehicles from 2020 onwards will be electric, plug-in hybrid or hybrid.

That will also bring about 5 thousand new jobs, and at least 1.000 of them will be high-tech positions in software development.

First series model will be the I-Pace EV crossover, which goes in sale next year.

Jaguar has presented a new concept, called Future-Type on the TechFest. Electric concept features a steering wheel called Sayer, which the driver will take with him from vehicle to vehicle and which will store all his vehicle-related data.

Another first at the conference: electric E-Type Concept Zero, a combination of classical shape and battery-electric drivetrain - faster than the original.

Sept. 7, 2017 Driving photo: Dušan Lukič

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