In Scotland, the first design museum will be opened, and one of the exhibits will be the unique clay model of Jaguar's first electric model I-Pace, produced by Jaguar's chief designer Ian Callum, who is also Scottish.

The clay model of Jaguar I-Pace will be among the exhibits that will be presented to the public on September 15th at the opening of the V & A Design Museum, that was built in Scotland's Dundee, primarily aimed at presenting the achievements of Scottish designers in the present and the past.

The Jaguar I-Pace clay model displays a painstaking and elaborate process, which was a key part of the design of both the electric Jaguar I-Pace and other Jaguars and, of course, the cars in general. According to Jaguar Land Rover, Dundee is a great place to showcase their first electric model, as it is the only Scottish city to boast with a Go Ultra Low City title and is also equipped with the most dense network of electric charging stations throughout England.

Ian Callum, who wrote to Jaguar fifty years ago to take him as an apprentice in car design and is now one of the most respected automotive designers, said: “Automotive design is hugely complex. Although much of the design is done digitally, clay models are still important – they are our first chance to see the car in reality. As a child l was inspired to become a car designer at Jaguar and have been lucky enough to live out that dream."

He later added: “Scotland has a long history of design excellence and the V&A Dundee is a fantastic opportunity to showcase this on a global stage. It has been an honour as a Scot to be involved with the opening of the new museum, and I hope our I-PACE exhibit can help inspire the next generation of design talent.”

Sept. 13, 2018 Driving photo: Jaguar Land Rover

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