Like BMW's, Jaguar will also be quit active on the track.

Taxi rides along Nurburgring are one of the attravctions at the famous racetrack for those who do not wish to drive by themself, but still want to experince the excitment, provided by a profesional driver in a sport sedan. Until now, this role has been reserved for BMW and its M5. But not anymore. In a spirit uf current times, an electric car is about to join the fleet and it is not even going to be a BMW.

Instead, new enforcement is arriving from Great Britain and it goes by the name Jaguar I-Pace. This will be quite an adition to Jaguar's electric plan, to teir past and present, given the fact, that a racing version of mentioned SUV has been presented a while ago and British company is, understandably, quite anxious about it.

While it has just been presented, this new Race eTaxi has already been offered to potential custoers and is ready to be tested. Price to rent it will be quite big as Jsaguar decide to price it on 149 euros per single lap. Anyway, 20,8 kilometers are enough for one to get excited and also exhausted. Let us just think right now, that it will not move fast.

Oct. 15, 2019 Driving photo: Jaguar

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