First TX black taxis to arrive in spring this year.

London taxis have been given their names, understandably, because they were, at least in the first few decades in domain of London. However, with arrival of electric version of famous black car, made by London EV Company or LEVC, they have started spreading. Firstly, they went to other cities in UK, then to other parts of Europe nd now, they are taking a journey to another part of the world.

In fact, LEVC taxis are now taking a trip to the Land of the rising Sun, Japan. There is quite a few reasons, why hey are perfect for mentioned country and traffic, particularly for Tokyo, where they were first presented few days ago. For instance, there is a 130 kilometer range with option of aditional 600, thanks to a range extender. Next to that, there is also a combination of affordability and comfort, thanks to, for instance panoramic roof, charging points for mobile phones and laptops, alongside unrivalled cabin space.

Joerg Hofmann, LEVC’s CEO, commented: “We are delighted to further grow our international footprint of green mobility solutions with the launch of the TX in Japan. We are reinventing a British icon, transforming the company from a traditional taxi manufacturer to a green mobility company, producing a wider range of electric commercial vehicles. The electric TX will set new standards across Japan in the taxi and premium shuttle market, delighting passengers, drivers and fleet operators alike. We are looking forward to seeing TX on the streets of Tokyo and across cities throughout Japan.”

Jan. 13, 2020 Driving photo: LEVC

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