The future of a man with wings is already here. Rocket-man Yves "Jetman" Rossy, the Swiss flyer who invented the personal " jet pack" with wings made out of carbon fibre, is a living proof of that. This time he flew over the city of Dubai. And, he was not alone.


"Jetman" started a similar project seven years ago, when he flew over the English Channel with a pair of wings just 2.5m wide that he made himself. Four engines were fitted to them, providing an average flying speed of around 200 km/h. This system had a total weight of approximately 55 kg. Subsequent achievements include a flight over Mount Fuji and Grand Canyon, this time he took off above Dubai.

Rossy had a long standing wish to train another person who would become his "wingman" and fly next to him using the identical equipment. He succeeded at last – Vince Reffet, parachute and BASE jumper, joined him.

No doubt this is just the beginning. One wonders where will the adrenaline driven couple fly off to next?

May 12, 2015 Driving photo: Yves "Jetman" Rossy

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