Turns out it is significantly better in every category there is.


Only two days are left until the beginning of next season of Formula-E. Upcoming season is going to be even more interesting since after four seasons, first generation of cars is leaving the spotlight and second generation, which premiered earlier this year at Geneva car show is about to take the spot. And how good are they compared to the old cars.

Well it turns out, they are quite superior when looking at the technical data. “The greatest gains we will see this year are in battery technology: with just 20 percent more weight they deliver 95 percent more energy. That really is testament to the power of e-mobility,” commented Frank Muehlon, Head of ABB’s Global Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure. This advantage is thus going to eliminate the need for car swap mid-race. Also from the start of the season, races will last for 45 minutes + 1 lap instead of fixed number of laps like up until now.

Next improvement is going to be on the field of power. Compared to first generation of cars, new ones are going to be 20 kilowatts more powerful, producing 200 kilowatts in normal mode + offering additional 50 kilowatts in Attack mode. And while a 0-100 kilometers time is only going to improve by 0,2 seconds, car’s top speed is going to rise from 225 to 280 kilometers per hour.

Cars are also going to provide better aerodynamics, electronic brake-by-wire braking system, replacing the old hydraulic system, HALO structure for head protection (like the one on Formula 1 cars) etc. All of this should make the cars faster and safer so we should see even more action this season.

Dec. 13, 2018 Driving photo: Newspress

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