Unlimited freedom and free kilometers with KIA and Clever.

The leading Electric Mobility Operator in Scandinavia, Clever, and KIA Motors Denmark have entered into a new partnership. KIA have chosen Clever as their partner for charging their electric vehicles and KIA's customers can now choose the popular concept that allows EV drivers unlimited power at a fixed monthly price.

Clever Unlimited is like the EV version of a streaming service with unlimited access to charging on it's charging network with more than 900 charging points in Denmark, Sweden and Germany as well as unlimited charging on the EV owner's personal charging station at home, which is also installed when choosing this solution. No matter how many kilometers you drive, you have a fixed cost of propellants.

The new concept  was first launched on 30th May 2016. Now three car brands in Denmark offer unlimited power for their electric vehicles at a fixed price. EV drivers no longer need to worry about installation, electrical panel setup, or whether to charge mostly at home or on public Fast Charging Stations. Clever Unlimited is all inclusive, unlimited freedom and unlimited mileage for EV drivers.

"Our is a brand new and attractive mindset about mobility, where everything is included at a fixed monthly fee. There's not much to worry about – you just drive! KIA has several interesting and affordable electric models on the way to the Danish market, and therefore we are pleased that KIA in Denmark have chosen CLEVER as charging partner, says Casper Kirketerp-Møller, CEO Clever

KIA in Denmark

KIA Denmark is the first Korean brand to introduce EVs in Denmark. Kia Soul EV was launched in Denmark in 2015, and KIA Denmark will launch their new plug-in hybridss, Kia Optima and Kia Niro within a short period as well.

"We believe that EVs have a great place in the future of transport and has high expectations for the introduction of our two new plug-in hybrid cars in 2016 and 2017. We want to offer our customers the most simple and transparent solution when choosing an electric powered car. CLEVER is the market leader for EV charging in Scandinavia and therefore an obvious choice that just allows us to offer our customers an all-inclusive solution handled by CLEVER, says Rasmus Aagaard, Marketing Director, Kia Import Denmark.

When a customer buys a new EV or Plug-in hybrid from KIA Denmark and choose Clever Unlimited, all complexity is handled by them, and the new car owners get a complete overview of the charging costs.

Sept. 22, 2016 Driving photo: KIA

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