The brand new hybrid Niro to be introduced this year is Kia's first-ever purposely-built hybrid vehicle.


The maker has not yet revealed most of the specifications, but Kia's engineers promise that the Niro will release less than 90 grams of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and also boast the lowest consumption rate in its class. It features a brand new 1.6 litre petrol engine (the same as the one used by Hyundai's Ioniq). The data on emissions and power data is not yet definitive, but it is expected that the car will have 105 BHP and 147 nm torque, and a good 40 horse-power will be provided by the electric motor. The automatic six-gear transmission will feature a double clutch.

Niro was built on a brand new Kia platform, the result of Kia's recent expression in design, based on the wish to convince with a dynamic and sporty look, combined with the practicality and spaciousness of smaller crossovers. Its design was a collaboration of the Korean and US design centres. Kia Niro measures 4.355 m in length, 1.535 m in height, and the wheelbase is 2.7 metres wide.

The Niro will be equipped with many safety-assistance systems: among others, it will break automatically in emergency situations, warn against uncontrolled lane, alert to the presence of vehicles in the blind spot, the cruise control system will be able to follow the vehicle in front, and provide parking assistance. The Korean manufacturer claims that the Niro combines two different worlds and classes of vehicles – HEV's (hybrids) and SUV's (crossovers) – thus dubbing the Niro an 'HUV' or Hybrid Utility Vehicle. The Niro will see its world premiere this year, and serial production will also commence before the end of the year. It will be manufactured in Korea.

Dec. 22, 2015 Driving photo: Kia

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