A set of seven models will be arriving in the following years.

Kia has recently presented its vision of electric cars and their development in the following years. Korean company has been quite actice in this field within the recent years, meaning that they have presented a fair line-up of electrified cars, including Soul and Niro, which has been in a class of their own. A total of five cars have been given electrified power trains. Now, number is growing to seven.

Two new Plug-in Hybrids are to arrive on the market, both made on a basis of a Kia Ceed. One is going to be Ceed Wagon, while the other one is XCeed, meaning both of the two more desirable vesrsions are going to become PHEV, something that had been in plan even durring development phase. They will thus use naturaly aspired 1,6-liter GDI engine with 103 kilowatts of power and 44,5 kilowatts worth of electric power at electric motor.

New models are also going to be slightly different from regular version, yet still quite subtle. This meaning closed 'tiger nose' for better air flow, driver oriented dashboard, sat- nav with lots of extra decisions and then some.

Prices have also been revealed. This means that XCeed BEV is going to be available for some 31.000 €, while the Stationagon version will even be cheaper by around 800 euros.

Jan. 15, 2020 Driving photo: kia

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