Lamborghini may have claimed a while ago, that they will never go beyond V10 and V12 engines, but the emission crisis of Lamborghini's owner Volkswagen perhaps brought to the decision to produce electric supercar,which for now can just be seen in the shape of a researchand design concept.


Lamborghini Terzo Millenio (or Third Millenium), as they call it, is a concept, which was developed in collaboration with two labs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Developer teams focused on five important areas, which will be of crucial importance in development of future cars: electric energy storage, new construction materials, powertrain, design, which should correspond to the features of the brand, and emotions in drive.

MIT researchers focused especially on first two areas and basically enhanced already known technologies. Among other they used superconductors for energy transfer and also further developed batteries, which are already used in current Aventador. They are also investigating new manufacturing routes for carbon fiber materials, which could also act as a energy accumulators and enable a complete body of the car to eventually become one huge battery.

The design on the other hand is a product of Lamborghini Centro Stile, which took in account radical changes in technology and also anticipated design elements of future Lamborghini's model.

Nov. 8, 2017 Driving photo: Lamborghini

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