Land Rover is keeping the promise, that it will electrify all its model line by 2020. With 2018 model year also the Range Rover Sport got an electrified version in the shape of plug-in hybrid Range Rover Sport P400e.

The powertrain of plug-in variant of sporty offroader is comprised of 300 HP 2-litre four cylinder turbopetrol engine and 85 kW electric motor, which is intergrated into the transmission. The four wheel drive is driven by combined power of 404 HP and 640 NM of torque, which certainly contributes to a sprint in 6,7 seconds from zero to 100 kph and final speed of 220 kph.

Worth mentioning is also the fact, that despite all power Range Rover Sport officialy emits just 64 grams of CO2 in the air and also, that it can be electricaly driven for the range up to 51 kilometers. Electricity is stored in lithium-ion batteries with the capacity of 13,1 kWh, which are integrated under the trunk floor. Fast charging with 32 A charger takes 2 hour and 45 minutes and slow charging with 10 A houshold socket takes about seven and half hours.

Oct. 4, 2017 Driving photo: Jaguar Land Rover

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