Electric GT championship is obviously on the move, as they just published final dates and circuits. Opening of the championship and the first, opening race will be at Silverstone on 12 August 2017.

Electric GT CEO Mark Gemmel still calls this information provisional, however he has spoken to Autocar and already confirmed the first seven races for the first season.

As already stated, the first one will take place in Silverstone, UK on the 12 August 2017, after that other races are scheduled as follows:

  1. Assen, Netherlands on 2 September;
  2. Nürburgring DTM Circuit, Germany on 23 September;
  3. Algarve, Portugal – date still to be confirmed;
  4. Misano, Italy on 28 October;
  5. Barcelona, Spain on 18 November;
  6. Paul Ricard, France on 25 November.

There will be 10 teams, including twenty drivers and cars, which are racing derivates of Tesla Model S P100D with 'Ludicrous' mode - all in all, we are in for some very exciting races. Also important may be the fact that electric powertrains and batteries will be tested in highly demanding circumstances - this way, it will finally be revealed in practice, 'on the spot', how exactly these racing e-cars will cope with the hardships of car racing.

Feb. 22, 2017 Driving photo: Electric GT

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