It will offer one of the most capable hybrid drives.

British company LEVC (which is short for London EV Company) has made its name with re-introducing the famous black taxi of London. Once they became to polluting and undesirable on the street of German capital city. LEVC took their shape and made a retro looking vehicle, which not only looks like London taxi should, but also offers enough space for passengers on the rear bench. Or anything else for that matter.

In fact, LEVC decided to bring their latest creation in Frankfurt on this year’s car show. After selling more than 2.500 TX taxis, they have now taken the same basis and a capable LCV by changing the rear of the car, removing all glasses and even changing side doors with sliding ones. The car should meet the production in 2020.

Joerg Hofmann, LEVC CEO said: »Future urban transport is already changing rapidly and we havea golden opportunity to bring something new and disruptive to this market. There is huge demand for a medium-sized zero emissions capable light van and our LCV is the perfect solution to the green logistics trend. This new van is durable, reliable, efficient, cost effective and high quality. Our goal is to be the European leader in green commercial mobility solutions.”

LCV will not run on electricity only however. Instead, it will be equipped with a hybrid drive. Still, one will be able to drive for 129 on electricity only, while combined reach will amount to 607 kilometers; both of the numbers surpassing most of other Plug-in hybrids on the market.

Sept. 11, 2019 Driving photo: LEVC

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