It is going to be used for so-called premium passengers, that are getting late on connecting flights and might miss their flight.


Famous (electric) London Taxis are spreading further to the new fields of operations. After being introduced to Edinburgh and later on cities around Europe, including Paris recently, they are now entering airports. First pack has recently been delivered to Heathrow and it is all thanks to one of the biggest airlines in the world, British Airways.

How many vehicles has British Airways brought to one of Europe’s busiest airports remains to be unknown. In the other hand, company has revealed they are going to be available for ‘premium connecting customers’, who may miss their next flight. They are going to be waited at the airport by designated driver and while driven around the airport they are going to have WiFi, phone, laptop and USB charging and a panoramic roof available in vehicles.

Daljit Hayre, British Airways’ Senior Manager, Heathrow Customer Experience said: “It’s great to see the reaction of customers when they’re met by a London taxi at the side of the aircraft, waiting to take them on to their next flight. They’ve told us how much they appreciate this gesture, plus they love the space in the vehicle for their hand baggage. We’re also really pleased that using new generation electric taxi reduces our carbon footprint.”

Mentioned project is a part of British Airways’s commitment to reduce vehicle emissions at the airport and also a part of a five-year plan, worth 6,5 billion pounds that predicts buying a new aircraft, new cabins, new catering, new lounges, WiFi, and new routes. 

Jan. 28, 2019 Driving photo: British Airways

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