At the car show in Tokyo Lexus introduced the luxury sedan study LF-FC, which shows the design and technology incorporated in their future flagship. It will be powered by fuel cells.


A new theme of Lexus design philosophy »L-finesse«, which encompasses an aggressive yet elegant bodywork and the spirit of »grand touring«, was dedicated to the study LF-FC. The front is dominated by a large mask with a new net design, accentuated by the arrow-like headlights in form of the letter »L«. The backlights also stand out. The bodywork of the 4-door coupe shows that the car is not only meant for the highway, but is also at home on country roads. The elegance of the car is emphasized by the 21-inch aluminum rims with bands made of carbon fiber.

The spacious interior offers a futuristic environment and a fully functional cockpit for the driver. An autonomous drive technology contributes to the safety, as it monitors the traffic and helps foresee dangerous situations and avoid them. The cockpit design is made of two parts. The upper part gives the feeling of open space and enables the driver to focus completely on the road; from a lower vantage point, it seems as though the front seats are floating in midair. The back seats are made for comfort, for people who enjoy being driven. The car functions can be operated without touch, a hologram on the console indicated, where the system recognizes hand gestures, with which the passengers can control the audio system or AC.

At the heart of the propulsion system is a fuel cell, which powers the motors on the rear axis, but can also power the motors in the front wheels, if necessary. The system enables a precise power distribution between all four wheels, which is why the car has amazing driving characteristics and stability.

Nov. 2, 2015 Driving photo: Lexus

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