The used Goodwood Festival of speed as a place to do it.

There has been quite a lot going on in the United Kingdom, when it comes to electric cars and e-mobility. For instance, Jaguar’s I-Pace has already become an established electric car model, Aston Martin has recently announced the end of works on the new factory, dedicated to Lagonda brand, specialized in production of electric cars… Even Lotus is becoming more and more active and the day, when they will present their first electric car is not far away.

After being confirmed ad Shanghai International car show in April, Lotus has now revealed the name of their first-ever and also first British electric supercar. They decided to name he car, previously known as Type 130, Evija. The whole car on the other hand is about to be revealed in full not too far from now, that is at the end of the month.

Lotus Cars CEO Phil Popham said: “Evija is the perfect name for our new car because it’s the first hypercar from Lotus, our first electric offering and is the first new model under the stewardship of Geely. The Evija is a Lotus like no other, yet a true Lotus in every sense. It will re-establish our brand on the global automotive stage and pave the way for further visionary models.

To put it another way, Evija pronounces as ‘ev-eye-a’, which means the first in existence,” so the name is quite fitting, given the fact, that it will become the first British super car. Type 130 is on the other hand also very appropriate, as only so much cars are to be build.

July 3, 2019 Driving photo: Lotus

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