First car to be revealed at Tokyo car show.

For a long time, Mazda has been avoiding to produce any kind of electrified, let alone electric car. However even the strongest ones must then and now admit defeat and now, even though a bit unexpected, Mazda is about to present its first fully electric car. This will happen in the following days, or to be exact, at the upcomming Tokyo car show in Japan.

In order to announce the car, Mazda is now releasing the first (and maybe only) video, which is announcing car's revealing on 23. of October. However, while nothing apparent has been presented on the video, quite a lot of questions has came on clear. For instance, what is this 'unique door concept', they are talking about. I guess, we will have to wait until the day of revealing.

The only thing confirmed is that Mazda's first electric car will be a crossover. Will it also be a member of CX-family or will it alas be equipped with the famous rotary engine, serving as a range extender? This we do not know yet, but it would be interesting to find out (even before the date of reveal).

Oct. 19, 2019 Driving photo: Mazda

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