Two electric cars to arrive after 2020, one is going to be equipped with rotary engine range extender

Mazda has never been particularly famous as a manufacturer of electric cars. Even now, when vast majority of manufacturers are either presenting or already building electric cars, Japan based company is still focused on internal combustion engines and petrol driven cars. Even more, many of its enthusiasts are still hoping they will eventually revive famous rotary engines that powered some of the memorable sport cars. And it looks like they might just do it, albeit not in the way, most of them hoped.

In fact, big news of today that came from Mazda was announcement of two proper electric cars. Both of them should hit the market in 2020 or later and while the first one is going to be powered by electricity alone, the second one is planned to have a single-chamber rotary engine, that is supposed to be small and in the same time light enough to be used in electric car without really noticing it.

Further details about the cars are yet to be announced (Mazda has not even revealed yet, what type of cars are the pair going to be). And while this may be the start, Mazda has not decided to go fully electric. Still, there is another positive factor, regarding the rotary engine. While in the past they were powered by petrol, this new generation should be capable of running on LPG or liquid petroleum gas, making it even cleaner and better suited for the times to come.

Oct. 3, 2018 Driving photo: Mazda

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