From Little Guy Trailers in Southern California, comes Meerkat camper, which is - as they say - "everything RV-ing was meant to be"!


Summer is almost here and with warm weather that also means camping trips are about to start really soon, if not already for some of us. Let's say a conventional tent isn't the perfect choice for you, because you're not really a fan of sleeping on the floor, and 'glamping' is ok, but you prefer not to stay in the same spot every single day of your vacation, then perhaps a small, convenient and cosy camper is the best solution. Something like Meerkat camper.

It's not only small, it's also very light, weighing only 900 pounds. You can easily unhook it from your car and push the camper to where you wish to 'anchor' it. The tiny mobile vaction home is fully insulated and has windows positioned on each side and on the front and back. According to Little Guy Trailers, the camper includes a hanging closet, porta potty, icebox, sink, ample lighting, seating area with a small table and a bed that comfortably sleeps two. There is also lots of cabinet and drawer storage.

One of the best things about Meerkat is also the fact that it can be effortlessly towed by more or less any small car. There is also no need to pay for expensive storage, as it will fit in any standard garage.

Meerkat camper can be yours for a starting price of $17,820.

May 24, 2017 Driving photo: Little Guy Trailers

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