Jaguar is returning to top level racing, this time to FIA Formula E world championship. This is their new racecar.

The Panasonic Jaguar Racing team has already successfully completed 21 days of testing of the new car, including the last Formula E public test. Now, during the launch event at the Jaguar Collections Centre, the new I-TYPE 1 debuted with the team's official reserve driver Ho-PinTung behind the wheel. The driver line-up for the team's first  includes Adam Carroll from Northern Ireland and Mitch Evans from New Zealand.

Gerd Mäuser, Chairman of Panasonic Jaguar Racing said: "Today marks a new chapter in the history of Jaguar Racing. As the first premium car manufacturer in Formula E we are proud to be back in top-level motorsport. The future is changing and we're part of that change. We can't wait to begin racing competitively in inner city locations inspiring a whole new generation of Jaguar Racing fans to join us on this exciting journey. Formula E is the perfect platform to inspire the next generation." 

Nick Rogers, Executive Director, Product Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover, added: ""Over the next five years we will see more changes in the automotive world than in the last three decades. The championship will enable us to engineer and test our advanced technologies under extreme performance conditions. We will apply this vital knowledge as part of our real world development. At Jaguar Land Rover we employ 9,000 engineers and the team will draw on these engineers to extract data and push the boundaries of electric technology in a race environment."

Panasonic Jaguar Racing is set to make its race debut in Hong Kong in the opening race of the third FIA Formula E season on Sunday 9 October 2016!

Sept. 9, 2016 Driving

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