It will also offer 25 kilometers of full electric autonomy.

We're used of Ferrari's hybrids. Well, not exactly used to them, since so far, there has only been one presented (La Ferrari) and also it's just a classic hybrid. Now, however, the Italians presented the newcomer in the offer, which will not only offer plug-in hybrid, but will additionally come in serial production and so will not be available only for selected customers. Yesterday, in Maranello, the light of the world was seen by a brand-new athlete, that goes by the name SF90.

The name is not random, but if we were now accustomed to Ferrari's cars (mostly) being named according to the volume of the engine, number of cylinders, volume of cylinders and anything else, this time the car hides a deeper symbolism. It's a model that Maranello uses to mark 90. anniversary of existance of the the brand. SF90-Scuderia Ferrari 90. However, the drive train is of particular importance because, as we have already mentioned, it is a hybrid. Three motors of a total power of 169 kilowatts have been added to Ferrari's eight-cylinder motor with 780 'horses' (574 kilowatts). The total power of the drive train thus amounts to exactly 735 kilowatts. And since the electric motors will be arranged both in front and in the rear, SF90 is also the first Ferrari with a mid-position engine and a full four-wheel drive. It's also the biggest torque the drive combination can handle: up to 900 Newtonmeters!

Of course, with these motor characteristics, the Ferrari doesn't hide performance numbers. The car will produce a kilowatt of power at a total of 1.15 kilograms of mass, at the same time accelerating up to 100 kilometres per hour to only 2.5 seconds. Up to 200, it will take another 5.5 seconds, while the speedometer will stop at 340 kilometres per hour. However, as it is a plug-in hybrid on the other hand, the SF90 will also allow up to 25 kilometres of pure electric driving at a speed of up to 135 kilometres an hour. Electricity for propulsion is stored in a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 7.9 kilowatt hour, and since whole hybrid system weighs 270 pounds, with a strict austerity measures they have managed to keep the total mass of the SF90 Stradale at impressive 1.570 kilograms!

At the same time, the front axle will be equipped with a RAC system which will constantly adjust the amount of torque transmitted by both electric motors to the wheels, making the driving even easier.

Fully electric driving will be possible with one of the four driving programs, this is the eDrive when only the front wheel pair is going to be propeled. On the very other side there will be the Qualify programme (including Hybrid and Performance), where electronics will take away the idea of energy saving and help unlock all the potential of engines. The petrol engine's double clutch transmission will play an important role, since it is 35 per cent faster when moving between gears than the one in Ferrari 488 runway.

However, since the newcomer is a brand-new car, the design of the newer brand models was mainly inspired by brand's newer models, and that also meant efficient aerodynamics, as the car is capable of producing up to 390 kilograms of downforce at 250 kilometres an hour. The outer part of the vehicle bodywork will be in more expensive GT trim made up of carbon fibres, and so will the chassis. In the meantime, a large diagonal screen of the meters of as many as 16 inches will be the most visible.

But Ferrari also worked hard to take care of cars and customers. They will be rewarded by seven years of maintenance every 20,000 kilometres or once a year.

May 30, 2019 Driving photo: Ferrari

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