Mercedes-Benz arrives at Auto Shanghai 2017 with their new Concept A Sedan that hints at potentially new body type of future A Class and its derivatives. 


The concept measuring 4,570 x 1,870 x 1,462 meters was designed with "sensual purity" in mind, as already seen coming in the "Aesthetics A" sculpture. Mercedes-Benz explains this is a compact premium sedan with emphasized curvy lines and a distinct, deep Panamericana grille tilted towards the front. Standing out are also the headlamps and rear lamps with a grid structure that has been coated with a UV paint and exposed to ultraviolet light. This special treatment makes the lamps "glow" in different colours, of course depending on the light medium.

Since this is first and foremost a design concept, not much has been said so far about the powertrain. DNozthing has been announced yet, but we believe that we can - next to standard models - also expect to see a plug-in hybrid model.

April 21, 2017 Driving photo: Daimler

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