It could actually be significantly higher, however even Mercedes-Benz at the moment does not have accurate data.


Yesterday, Mercedes-Benz finally revealed their highly anticipated electric SUV, EQC which is actually first purposefully built electric SUV, made by Mercedes. And while majority has been impressed with cars looks, it was the 200 mile (320-ish kilometers) range on a single charge (according to WLTP), that disappointed most of us. However, things may not be how they have been presented.

Soon after publishing the data about car’s range, Mercedes-Benz has revealed an explanation for Green Car Report, that official data is not correct. In fact, German car manufacturer has actually suggested, that until further notice we should in fact use the range, measured according to the older NEDC procedure, which is much higher – 450 kilometers – however pretty much useless considering the fact, how inaccurate NEDC is.

On the other hand, those data are right now not important, because the car is not going to arrive on the market before 2020. Green Car report however did make some calculation in came across the number, significantly higher than Mercedes-Benz has published. They estimated that the cars range could actually be approximately 222 miles or 357 kilometers, almost 40 kilometers more than official published.

Sept. 5, 2018 Driving photo: Daimler

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